Catalogue raisonné (ENG)

Catalogue Raisonné

The work on the catalogue raisonné of the works of Ljuba Popović, LJUBA, is largely completed. So far, approximately 3,600 oil paintings have been cataloged, while drawings, watercolors, and graphics are still being collected and classified. If you own works, documents, or testimonials related to LJUBA’s work, we would be grateful if you would contact us via the website, Ljuba’s Facebook page, or any other means.

The registration of a work in the catalogue raisonné is the best way to confirm its authenticity, whether it is privately owned or offered for sale on the market.

Here, for now, we are only publishing a simple list of paintings (1954-1985 period) already registered in the catalogue. They are classified by year and size (from largest to smallest format). Complete information about the paintings (color reproductions, owners’ names, bibliographic data, etc.) will remain in the catalogue author’s archive only. The reason for this is the increasingly frequent occurrence of counterfeits and imitations.

We will continue to update the online catalogue as time permits. If a new work comes to us and we have no doubts about its authenticity, it will be included in the catalogue. We would also like to be informed if the title, dimensions, or technique listed on our list do not match those of the actual paintings. Owners’ names will not be published even in the final version of the catalogue unless expressly requested.

Catalogue author:

BATOS Slavica