ALPHA ET OMEGA – 50th anniversary reappearance

50 years ago, the painting “Alpha et Omega” was part of the first major Ljuba exhibit in Paris, organized by Thessa Herold in her Galery (Galerie de Seine, 31th of may – 30th of june 1972).
It was immediately noticed by another gallery owner, Alexander Braumüller, who included it in his collection. Braumüller then recommended Ljuba to the wealthy art collector Jean Davray, one of the owners of the water company “Perrier”, who bought other Ljuba paintings contributing to the price rise of Ljuba’s art on the market. He famously said : “I cannot afford to have cheap artworks in my collection”.
In a tragic turn of events, Braumüller ended his life jumping into the Paris river “la Seine” in 1979, Jean Davray died in 1986, and his collection was sold. The “Alpha et Omega” painting was lost out of sight, and the only trace that remained was a black and white picture, taken before the painting was even finished. Today, 50 years after its creation, “Alpha et Omega” reappears in all its glory and in color. It will be sold to highest bidder during an auction at “l’Hôtel Drouot” in Paris, on June 17th.
Two or Three days before the sale, it will be exposed in the room #10.

Alpha et Omega, 1972, oil on canvas, 200 x 200 cm

30 years later…

A very important painting, never before shown, from the private collection of the owner of a publishing company, was sold during an auction in the french town “Blois” on may the 14th two weeks ago.

Les Tentations, 1986, oil on canvas, 200 x 260cm


It has been more than 60 years that Ljuba has been looking for this painting.
Last time it was seen was at the JNA exhibit in 1962. Of this painting, only a poor black and white image was remaining.

We think that the painting was acquired by a Danish ambassador at that time.
Good news : the trail of this painting has reappeared !

Here it is, for the first time after 60 years, in color.
A masterpiece of somebody who already knew at 27 years old that his destiny was already written


Paintings and drawings from Ljuba will be shown at the Modern Gallery of Valjevo, from november 10th to february 28th.
The exhibit “Ljuba – Canvas without easel” is organized in celebration for the 35th anniversary of the gallery, and the 150th anniversary of Valjevo’s Gymnasium.

The catalog, with a text from Nataša Krestić was written in both serbian and english languages.

Vénus et la Mort (Venus and Death), 1971 – 1972, oil on canvas, 210 x 280 cm

Ljuba’s exhibit in Auberive Abbey

Paintings from Ljuba, Dado and Veličković can be seen in the french “Centre d’Art Contemporain de l’Abbaye d’Auberive” (52160 Auberive, Haute-Marne).

The exhibit is called “Pêle-Mêle Ceux qu’on aime”, which is difficult to translate but best attempt would look like “Miscellaneous, Those we love”.

It is open to visitors from June 20th to september 20th 2020


The Osenat auction house, in Paris, is going to put up for sale the painting : “L’ambiguïté rose” (“Pink ambiguity”), 1987, oil on canvas, 162x130cm.
The artwork belongs to the period often reffered to as “Blue period” or “Romantic period” by specialists.
It was part of the collection of a french journalist-editorialist, founder and director of a weekly newspaper, who bought it in 1987 and kept it until he passed away in 2016.
The auction will take place on February the 29th at Fontainebleau.

1987, L'ambiguïté rose, 162x130cm - Ljuba popovic
1987, L’ambiguïté rose (“pink ambiguity”), 162x130cm – Ljuba popovic

New catalog edition

Ljuba Popovic’s retrospective exhibit, held in SANU Galery (Serb Academy of Sciences and Arts), having reached record visit numbers (more than 54 000 visitors in only 42 days), the first edition of the serbian version of the catalog sold out during the event. The organizers decided to re-print 300 more copies.
Reminding here that this 170 pages book contains two expert texts, one Ljuba interview, 50 color reproductions of paintings and a detailled biography of the artist with more than a hundred photographs.
The new editions, just like the first one, will be available for purchase at the galery for 1500 dinars.
The english and french versions are still available.

Ljuba – Michel Lancelot

From May 1975 to January 1985, 49 episodes of the series “Peintres de notre temps” (“Painters of our time”) were broadcasted on “Antenne 2”, french television. Imagined and presented by the journalist Michel Lancelot, the emission proposes portraits of artists filmed in their everyday work environments.

This episode, filmed in 1974 and dedicated to Ljuba, was obtained for exclusive diffusion in the SANU Galery (Serbian academy of sciences and arts) during the exhibit : “Ljuba Popovic : 1934-2016”.
It can now be viewed on the website

Press kit broadly available

The exhibition’s press kit, despite being generally only available to journalists, is now available to the general public. It can be found on the website of the Academy :

Academy Website : link
Press Kit : link

The press kit contains a short Ljuba Bio, a description of his art, Ljuba’s most famous quotes reflecting his views about art.
It also contains a detailed description of the exhibit, information on exhibit’s authors and catalog’s texts authors, as well as all the reproductions of the artworks that will be displayed.
This press kit is aimed at those who won’t be able to visit the exhibit, as well as those who would want to know a bit more before visiting

Unfortunately, the press kit is only available in Serbian for the moment.

Billboards SANU exhibtion Ljuba Popovic
Image : extract of a billboard from the exhibit
Design : Branko Gavrić
Photo : Dušan Jovanović