Major painting found

Thanks to, several artworks from Ljuba have been found.
The latest one on the list: a painting called “Birth of an idiot” (oil on canvas, 137x176cm), from 1959.
The painting was painted during Ljuba’s last year of studies at the academy of fine arts, in Belgrade. Just leaving for Paris in 1963, Ljuba had left the painting in a cinema club. It is his friend, Slobodan Jevtić Pulika, who brought it to Paris a year and a half later. Marcel Zerbib, the gallery owner with whom Ljuba was working at that time, sold it promptly to an admirer. This person kept it for more than fifty years, until his death. Today, the painting belongs to a Parisian collection.

The artwork can now be admired in the 1957-62 gallery of the website.

La naissance d'un idiot, 1959, Ljuba Popovic

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