Press kit broadly available

The exhibition’s press kit, despite being generally only available to journalists, is now available to the general public. It can be found on the website of the Academy :

Academy Website : link
Press Kit : link

The press kit contains a short Ljuba Bio, a description of his art, Ljuba’s most famous quotes reflecting his views about art.
It also contains a detailed description of the exhibit, information on exhibit’s authors and catalog’s texts authors, as well as all the reproductions of the artworks that will be displayed.
This press kit is aimed at those who won’t be able to visit the exhibit, as well as those who would want to know a bit more before visiting

Unfortunately, the press kit is only available in Serbian for the moment.

Billboards SANU exhibtion Ljuba Popovic
Image : extract of a billboard from the exhibit
Design : Branko Gavrić
Photo : Dušan Jovanović

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