ALPHA ET OMEGA – 50th anniversary reappearance

50 years ago, the painting “Alpha et Omega” was part of the first major Ljuba exhibit in Paris, organized by Thessa Herold in her Galery (Galerie de Seine, 31th of may – 30th of june 1972).
It was immediately noticed by another gallery owner, Alexander Braumüller, who included it in his collection. Braumüller then recommended Ljuba to the wealthy art collector Jean Davray, one of the owners of the water company “Perrier”, who bought other Ljuba paintings contributing to the price rise of Ljuba’s art on the market. He famously said : “I cannot afford to have cheap artworks in my collection”.
In a tragic turn of events, Braumüller ended his life jumping into the Paris river “la Seine” in 1979, Jean Davray died in 1986, and his collection was sold. The “Alpha et Omega” painting was lost out of sight, and the only trace that remained was a black and white picture, taken before the painting was even finished. Today, 50 years after its creation, “Alpha et Omega” reappears in all its glory and in color. It will be sold to highest bidder during an auction at “l’Hôtel Drouot” in Paris, on June 17th.
Two or Three days before the sale, it will be exposed in the room #10.

Alpha et Omega, 1972, oil on canvas, 200 x 200 cm

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